CREST Licensed Providers

CREST Dandenong Childcare

Peter Butcher

Having grown up watching his father own and manage successful childcare centres, Peter a local living in Rowville was keen and passionate to give back to the community and open a state of the art child care centre.  Working together with David his mate of 35 years a vision was formed bringing Peter's long term passion of opening a centre coupled with David's expertise in the building industry to open CREST Childrens Sanctuary.  

CREST Dandenong Childcare

David Mollineaux

Davids expertise is in corporate management. Having formed Jodani Homes and employing Peter his long time mate to join the Jodani team the two friends put both of their personal and professional strengths together to form the inception of CREST Children's Sanctuary. For David building CREST was a rewarding build one which he knew would foster and benefit the local community.