Meals & Menu

The opportunity to come together and eat, fosters connectivity and a sense of togetherness. We see meal times as a time for continual learning and it provides opportunities for language development, time to share stories and develop relationships between children and adults.


Progressive morning and afternoon tea are served to allow children the ability to make decisions about when they will eat which develops a sense of agency.  For children who are immersed in play educators/teachers will remind children that these meals are on offer.


Lunch times are slightly more formal to allow for hot meals to be served but there is also flexibility for meals to be saved if children truly are not ready to eat at this particular time or are sleeping when lunch is being served.

Menus are developed on a 4-week cycle from fresh seasonal produce.


All individual children’s dietary requirements and needs will be catered for and we encourage parents/guardians to discuss this at the time of enrolment.

At CREST Dandenong we are respectful of our local community and have implemented practices in our commercial kitchen that meets the requirements regarding the preparation of halal food to be served.

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