Our Staff

CREST employs early childhood educators in line with legislative requirements but we also seek to attract and retain the most inspiring, creative and dedicated team of educators to inspire your children's learning. They also have a commitment and love for teaching and learning in the outdoors.

CREST implements a robust and thorough merit based selection process based on candidates qualifications, skills, knowledge and personal attributes. We will provide all candidates with equal opportunities.

The CREST values are important in employing staff as we wish to create a culture that is true to our philosophy, vision and our beliefs of children's learning.  

Meet the Management Team


Centre Director

Amanda is a co-owner of both Dandenong and Rowville childcare facilities. Amanda has a Diploma in Childcare, she has much knowledge and experience that she can share with educators, families and children. Amanda believes that children benefit when they feel connected to beautiful outdoor spaces where they can develop individual strengths and skills

Educational Leader

Jenni is the 2IC/ educational leader at Crest, Dandenong. She also assists the director in the administrative duties and supports and mentors the educators in effective program planning, mentoring and professional development. As an educator Jenni wants to support the children at Crest as they embark on a journey to make discoveries about themselves and learn to recognise and name their feelings. Jenni believes in working as “one “with families, communities and educators. Encouraging   all families to feel welcomed, all children to feel loved and everyone at CREST to want to work together as one in order to aid in a child’s optimal development.​

Meet the Educators

Lead Educator

Geetha is the team leader in the Sweet pea room (0-18 months) Geetha is a Diploma Qualified Educator and has her Diploma in Child Care Services and Education. She also has completed her Advanced Diploma in Community Services. She aims to provide a warm, loving, safe and home-like environment that is inclusive of all cultures. Geetha strives to guide the children into their next stage of development building confidence in themselves and an excitement for continued learning. She has over 3 years of working in the childcare industry.


Lead Educator

Wendy is a Qualified educator in the Tulip room. With great passion about my teaching career, Wendy has worked with toddlers age group for 5 years and has worked 2 years as team in charge. Wendy enjoys working with children and believes it a rewarding experience to work together with families to support their child to become successful learners and responsible citizens.  

Lead Educator

Michelle is the team leader for Sunflower room (18 – 2 years). Michelle has a passion for educating and nurturing children and has worked in the children care for the past 4 years. She holds a Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care. Michelle is passionate about her career in childcare and wants to provide an education, fun, compassionate and empathetic environment for the children at the service where the children learn and play. Michelle believes that each child is a unique individual, and that all children develop through their own pattern of growth and development.

Lead Educator

Nora is the team leader for the Lavender room. She has completed her Diploma in children’s services and has nearly 5 years of experience in this industry. Nora designs her Program Planning based on the children’s interest, asking questions to further understand and actively engage in the activities alongside the children instead of passively observing the children’s learning


  Lead Educator

Fiona is the room leader for the tulip room (kindergarten). She has completed her Bachelor’s in early childhood education. Fiona, as an Early Childhood Educator inspires in helping children learn fundamental skills, and also getting them excited to explore new things and learning through interactive experiences, giving them a life-long love of learning and a smooth transition into school. She has 10 years of experience in the childcare industry, 8 years as a kindergarten teacher.

Co -  Educator

Tanya is a supporting educator in the Sunflower room (18 – 2 years). Tanya is an engineering graduate from India, she migrated to Australia in 2008.  And has Completed Certificate III in Children’s Services with a passion to work with children and have been an energetic and caring childhood educator since 2016.She strongly adapts learning through play and initiates the love for learning in children. She believes in creating an environment that enforces positivity into the child’s learning