Our Rooms

Sweetpea Room

Sweetpea is our 4 months – 1-year old room. As the name suggests the babies in this room are like seeds, ready to grow and bloom into flowers quickly. The room caters to 18 babies and it is all about what the babies want to learn and explore to achieve their milestones. The educators are nurturing, caring and flexible with the babies’ routines in the room.

Sunflower Room

Sunflower is our 1-2 years toddler room with a capacity for 20 children who are filled with lots of energy.The toddlers at this age are curious and eager to learn new skills, including gross and fine motor development, learning different means of communication and language development.

Waterlily Room

Waterlily is our 2 – 2.5 years old room. Children are provided with a variety of learning experiences dramatic play, cognitive, gross motor and developing strong sense of wellbeing.The children begin negotiating through communication and learn to interact with each other, learn rules and daily routines.

Lavender Room

The Lavender children are curious, enthusiastic and interrogative explorers who ask lots of questions, having a broader range of skills in their repertoire.

Lavender room is our 2.5 – 3-year-old room.Our highly dedicated creative educators in this room program to create imaginative and engaging learning spaces to fulfil the children’s emerging inquisitive minds.

Daffodil Room

Daffodil is our 3year old pre-kinder room.The Daffodil room is focused in developing, and scaffolding children learning to transition to the kindergarten room in the following year.Learning consists of the children becoming independent, playful, responsible in taking care of our world and working towards mastering their self-help skills.

Tulip Room

Tulip room is our funded 4-year-old kindergarten.Our Early childhood teacher provides an enriched kindergarten program.

Concepts become more sophisticated, with children learning, engaging, understanding about space, human body, science, sustainable environment, the community and cultures they reside in.